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Advice and valuation of art market actors’ rights ; advice and strategies of protection and management of art works

•    Audits and consultations relating to art works (originality, authenticity and provenance, particular cases of cultural property and national treasures) and tax regimes applicable to the sale of a work of art,

•    Advice relating to the obligations of actors in the art market in order to fight against forgery, illicit trafficking in works, money laundering,

•    Advice relating to the artists’ rights, articulation of copyright with employment law and tax law, management of artists’ rights and their works in matters of inheritance,

•    Strategies to protect the artists and their works: evidence of creation, artist committee (issuance of certificate of authenticity, inventory / archive, preservation of works),

•    Strategies and advice relating to the constitution, preservation and inheritance management of the collection (exhibition, storage, inventory, risk audit, insurance, artist's committee, foundation, donation, etc.).


Drafting and negotiation of contracts

•    Contracts with galleries or collectors: sales contracts, deposit contracts, order contracts, copyright transfer contracts,

•    Contracts related to the purchase, rental and sale of works: remuneration, deposit, guarantee, transport and logistics. 

Pre-litigation strategies, transactional agreements and legal actions.

•    Formal notices and implementation of protective measures and / or prior to the initiation of litigation,

•    Assistance in the context of mediations/conciliations, negotiation and drafting of transactional agreements,

•    Legal actions before civil, criminal and commercial courts in the context of disputes relating to copyright, cancellation of sale, liability (certificate of authenticity, catalogue raisonné, sales catalogue, transport), theft, concealment, fraud, breach of trust, restitution of looted property.

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