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We offer our clients a comprehensive legal strategy for the protection of their rights, their investments and their creations thanks to the strong skills and versatile experiences of our people.

Thanks to our methods and organization, we make sure to avoid any compartmentalisation of reasoning and skills. Each lawyer, in addition to its specific skills and expertise in business law and intellectual property, benefits from a versatile experience (civil law, commercial law, employment law, art market law, criminal law) allowing each case to be approached according to a global legal strategy meeting the essential needs of our clients.

We are litigators and consider our litigation experience essential to our advisory strategy.

Our long experience of litigation before the main jurisdictions of the judicial order (civil, commercial, social, criminal) allows us to build, alongside our clients, effective pre-litigation and judicial strategies, when the transactional resolution, privileged in upstream in the interest of the client, is impossible. 

This litigation experience also feeds our strategies and advisory missions (consultations, contracts, audits, etc.) and allows us to identify, analyse and limit more quickly and effectively the legal and judicial risks to which our clients are exposed. 

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We preserve our independence and our freedom and we pragmatically adapt our assignment offers and fees to the specific profiles and needs of each client (multinationals, SMEs, individuals / authors / creators / employees).

Resolutely independent since the creation of the Firm, we limit the risks of conflicts of interest and places the interests of our clients at the centre of our concerns.


In application of legal, regulatory and professional ethics provisions for lawyers, fees are freely set with their clients, in particular in consideration of the time devoted to the case, its nature and difficulty, the importance of the interests in question and the results obtained.

We also adapt the billing method to the different types of services to be performed and to the objectives set by mutual agreement with the client. In consideration of these elements, we can propose to invoice the services as follows: 

• to the time spent, in consideration of the hourly rates of our people,
• fixed price, when the time devoted to the services is sufficiently determined or determinable, in particular for certain consulting services,
• fixed price (hourly flat rate in particular) with a fee based on the result.

The conditions and method of invoicing our fees are agreed with the client as part of a written fee agreement, in accordance with Law No. 2015-990 of 6 August 2015.

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